Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reading Test....

Most of us enjoy those few quiet moments in a day when we can just sit around and stare at something without a serious or random, makes no sense, thought blessing our stressed out minds...I can't do that!

I was using a new little button on my firefox browser called "Stumble!" and came across a Reading Test. All the words are jumbled up with the exception of the first and last letter of each word. The image explains what most of us already know, which is that the human mind does not read every letter by itself, but the word as a whole. However, as I read the little paragraph I was amazed to notice that no matter how jumbled up they were, I really could read all the words. It got me thinking; do we do the same thing in other aspects of life?

Really, I hadn't even noticed that the words were jumbled up until I got to the second sentence. That leaves much to be desired for my attention to detail, right? But it really does make me ponder the details I may be missing in my personal life.

My three gal pals are just perfect to fill that gap. Between the first letter and the last letter of every word, I have my favorite three girls putting the rest of the letters in the right order.

It makes me think about relationships: I've gone over my own stories, and listened to those of my favorite pals, and (forgive the use of my favorite Sex and the City words) I can't help but wonder; when we think about a relationship, do we simply look at its wonderful beginning and tragic end?

When I think about my own relationships in this perspective, I do wonder if it's true. But then again, all relationships may be just a big jumbled up word. We remember the first letter, and then everything changes. We might remember when the change happened, or even how many changes there were, but everything in our world goes out of order. And at the end of the word, we see the last letter where it is supposed to be.

We see the situation as a whole without noticing the details, and then soon enough, we can't even remember the details, or at least not in the right order.

But my last point, if there really is one in this mess of a blog, is this: Even if all relationships are jumbled up words, the ones who last are those who continue on with many jumbled up words, into a sentence, a paragraph, and even a series of never ending books in a code only they can understand.

Tset tihs yuroslef!

Here's the link for anyone who wants to take a look:

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