Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not New York!

Whether it's New York City or Spokane, Washington, the ratio of unmarried men is approximately 10% higher than that of unmarried women...why then, does it seem so impossible to find a man who doesn't scream desperation, calculation, contradiction, complication, domination...I'm sure you get the point. Is it so unrealistic to want someone who might suggest emotions like admiration, motivation and liberation?
...Even I will have to think about that.
All that being said, I'm sure you all have your own emotional dictionary flipping through your head right now.

This blog is an introduction to a fraction of thoughts that run through the heads of my gal pals and I. It's the start of a project where, just for the fun of it, I'll work off of Sex and the City episodes, take suggestions from my gal pals, and any other tidbits that come across my radar.

For the sake of insanity-

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